Pick and Mix 1kg Bag

Life is like candy. Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's sour!

The choice is yours! Simply select one product from each of the drop down lists, to be mixed in our 1KG bag.

You will receive 100g of each sweet that you have chosen. From sour worms, fizz gum bullets to strawberry clouds, we have a large range of options that we are sure will put you on a sugar high!

Note: Not all sweets are pictured. Please only choose one of each kind. If you have selected the same one twice, we will replace it with another selection at random. We also reserve the right to replace any choice of sweet that you choose, with another similar kind if we run out due to an influx of orders. *Please also keep in mind, due to the amount of different sweets that we handle, we cannot guarantee that they are allergy free. (All Sweets contain Wheat, Nuts, Soya, & Dairy)*

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